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Don’t Ask… Don’t Tell

Shhh… We won’t ask, if you don’t tell.  When most of us think about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) we think of the now repealed (thanks, President Obama) discriminatory law that prohibited gays and lesbians from serving openly in the US Armed Forces. However, that isn’t what I want to discuss in this blog post. […]

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When Church Hurts

“If these pews could talk I wonder what they’d say. Would they share the stories of people with heads held high but hearts full of shame? I know all too well the rumors that have spread and even worse the truth that cannot be hid. What happens when the place that was meant to heal […]

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Recovering Church Boy: The Introduction

Recovering Church Boy/Girl   Use: Proper Noun Definition: a person from the LGBTQ community who has broken or is currently breaking the chains of religious dogma and oppression and has begun their journey toward spiritual freedom. Hello, my name is Eric and I am a Recovering Church Boy. I grew up in the church; the […]

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